Wedding Photography in Myrtle Beach

Best Myrtle Beach Photography February 26, 2018

Wedding photography in Myrtle Beach

Wedding Photography in Myrtle Beach

Wedding Photography in Myrtle Beach. How often do you get to see a wedding on a boat? Also tied up to the dock at your own house? Not only are our weddings on the beach, they can be anywhere. This was a very beautiful wedding in North Myrtle Beach. There were 3 photographers on hand to capture every moment.

We took over 1500 high resolution pictures using 3 different cameras. The Nikon D4, the Canon 5D mark IV, and the new Canon 6D Mark ii. You can see the different lighting, and exposures throughout the session.

The house was amazing, and definitely setup for a wedding of this kind. There was plenty of room to move around, and a photographers dream. The pool area has very good access, and the bridge going to the dock  almost seemed like a quarter mile!

Myrtle Beach wedding Photography

Wedding photographers in Myrtle Beach love this type of wedding venue. Why have the expensive resort, when you can have a big house with all of your own amenities for a lot less! Our goal is to provide your family event with amazing pictures. In addition, our photojournalism approach adds a story to your wedding. This is your special day. Additionally your dream wedding needs to be remembered.

How to select a wedding photographer

When it comes to selecting a photographer in Myrtle Beach, you need research. Not only research, but good photography advice. Our photographers are the top professionals in the Myrtle Beach area. Do you want the most experienced photographer at an affordable rate? If you are fine paying thousands of dollars for less talent, this is not your place. We do not charge the egotistical photography fee. Our photography in Myrtle Beach for weddings is very affordable.  Click here to see our rates, and packages for Myrtle Beach wedding photographers