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Myrtle Beach family photographers


(Mini-Pack only $229 for 15 minutes) Up to 4 people Call or text

  • $300 Beach Portraits Special( up to 7 people)
    This package includes 30 minutes of sitting time(45 minutes for only $370 60 minutes is $420). In addition, unlimited exposures, poses, and outfit changes. Moreover all pics are retouched and copied to photo download site. You can easily with the touch of a button download your pics. Not to mention your cell phone, but also laptop, desktop, and tablet. Including unlimited downloads. Together with making your own photo disc, or flash drive easily. Additionally you are given a signed Copyright release form. Feel free to take the photo disc, flash drive, or download to your favorite processor. This includes Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens to be processed. Hey this is 2020, we make it easy for you!
    $350 Large groups of 8 or more up to 14 People for 30 minutes ($420 45 min) or 60 minutes for $490)
    $400 for groups of 15-20 people  30 minutes $470 for 45 minutes or ($540 60 min)
  • Family Reunion special is $590.00 for up to 50 people 60 minutes(780 90 min).
  • Ultra Family Reunion Special is $790 for 150+ people 90 minutes, or $890 for 120 minutes!
  • Added holiday fees apply for sessions on holidays and holiday weeks i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, 4th of July week. Call for more information!
    KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO, AND YES THEY COUNT! Not to mention, extra time is always a factor when serving small children.

Myrtle Beach family photographers deluxe packages with prints

  • $470 Deluxe package with prints.
    30 minutes sitting time. Unlimited exposures, poses, and outfit changes. All pics are RETOUCH edited and copied to a(Hi-Resolution)  with Copyright release form. 10 4×6′s , 4 5×7′s, and 2 8×10′s delivered to your home address!! Or trade em all for a 20×30 wall portrait!(8-15 people $520) (16-50 people $570) Add 30 minutes for only 200.00
  • $580 Deluxe package with prints.
    30 minutes sitting time. Unlimited pics, poses, and wardrobe changes. All pics are Retouched and copied to a Hi-Resolution  and you receive a Copyright release. Don’t forget this also comes with unlimited downloads! 20 4×6′s , 8 5×7′s and 5 8×10′s delivered to your home address!! Or trade em all for a 20×30 wall portrait!(8-15 people $570) (16-50 people $620). Add 30 minutes for only $199. By the same token this is the best value for prints in Myrtle Beach. In like manner, our packages are complete, and affordable.

Deluxe luxury photography print packages

  • $830 Deluxe with editing upgrade. A Myrtle Beach photographers favorite.
    90 minutes of sitting time Unlimited pics, poses, and wardrobe changes. Uniquely, all photos are retouched, and copied to the data disk. Copyright release, as well as 40 edited 4×6′s, and 8 8×10′s of your choosing. 20×30 Wall Portrait, (or $50 off any size canvas), and Website download access.
    $990 Super Deluxe Beach Portrait package.
    90 minutes of sitting time. 1-7 people. 8-14 people is $1050. 15-20 people is $1100. 21-35 is $1170. Unlimited pics, poses, wardrobe changes, coupled with location change(time permitting). All pics are RETOUCHED and copied to a data disk and you will receive a Copyright release. 50 edited 4×6′s, 20 5×7′s also 10 8×10′s of your choosing. 20×30 wall portrait website access .Edited DVD included with parcel of photos delivered to your home.
    Additional Products & Services.

Myrtle Beach family photographers Beach Portraits for the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach area.

If you would like some Photography to go with your vacation, then you have come to the right place !! We proudly serve Myrtle Beach for family photography.
$229 for the complete mini package. So what is the definition of “complete”?  We start off by selecting the most prime location for your family. Additionally, we make sure you wont be disturbed by other tourist, or passers by while your on the beach . The package contains  hi-res pictures downloadable from our “state of the art, user-friendly website.

What about copyrights?

At Best Myrtle Beach Photography, our portraits never have an added copyright. In addition we believe that whoever is in the picture should be able to do with it whatever they want to with it.
Sitting fees? Never !! it’s all inclusive, total, complete ,period plus tax, beach access fee, and beach replenishment fund.
Moreover we are proud to say that we have the best beach portrait package anywhere in the Myrtle Beach area !
In 2017 we shot over 1000 Beach Portraits in the Myrtle Beach to North Myrtle Beach area of families just like you.
Call , or email us for your next photography event in Myrtle Beach all the way up to North Myrtle Beach !!
​3000 ocean Blvd .Myrtle Beach SC,  843-213-8645

Cancellations, and refund policy for Myrtle Beach family photographers

​Refund policy. Refunds will not be given if cancelling within 3 months of the session, or in the months of June, July, or August in Myrtle Beach. If you have rain, we will reschedule for the next available day. Rain comes in cycles, please wait before panicking, because most of the time it will pass. Similarly we get beautiful rainbows, or dramatic skies. There is a requirement to show up, unless the photographer states otherwise. A refund is provided if it rains all week, and there are no days left to accommodate.  If you book, and then cancel you will be charged a 85$ cancellation fee. It’s always windy at the beach, be prepared for outdoor conditions. In addition  bring extra hairspray if your style requires it. Wind not an excuse to reschedule unless its abnormally windy. In addition, we will not guarantee your session if you show up wearing tie-dye, orange, red, pink, lime green or yellow.

Reputation and slanderous fake photography reviews.

We maintain a perfect feedback rating, and will protect it to the furthest extent of the law. We are a 5 star company, and there will never be a reason to change this. Any fake review, or slander against our highly rated, and recommended Myrtle Beach family photographers company will be handled in open court at your expense. This is a family business, this is how we feed our family, so consider this before leaving an unwarranted negative mark. We have put years of hard work, and dedication to protecting our perfect rating, and we always deliver what we say we are going to do. Furthermore we reserve the right to cancel without notice, or refuse service to anyone. Tax, beach access fee, and beach replenishment is added to every package, and is non-negotiable.

We sell what we represent on our website. Also, we sell what is on our website. Regardless of what you think the pictures should look like, we sell what we showed you on our site. Please do not call in complaining about your hair blowing in the wind, or that you didn’t like the pics because you don’t like yourself. The camera records in true life, and that is what we produce. In addition we retouch the pictures, and do not perform “photo surgery”. Our goal is to have happy clients, also please don’t bring your attitude here. We respect you, and require it in return. This is not a restaurant. We are a family of Myrtle Beach photographers. Moreover, we invite you to join our family.

Myrtle Beach family photographers

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