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Our goal is to provide the absolute finest experience for family, and wedding photography. By and large we love our clients visiting the Myrtle Beach area. When you book a session with us, be prepared for the ultimate experience.  We asked hundreds of our clients what they would prefer in the ultimate Myrtle Beach photography session. In Short they asked for affordability without the egotistical, professional photographers inflated price tag. So we offer unbeatable service, and combine it with the most affordable (not cheap) professional family photography in Myrtle Beach. In essence if we earn your business today, we earn your business for life.

Choosing a photographer

 When it comes to choosing a Myrtle Beach photographer, where do you start? The first page of Google is a good starting point. To explain, we didn’t get to the first page of Google overnight. For this reason we earn our reputation as many other photographers in our field do. We love our job, and it shows in our work. Many photographers have literally “lost their minds”. To emphasize, the high demand of dealing with high energy children, and the heat of the summer in Myrtle Beach! Not us! We love Myrtle Beach photography. We love our families that travel to Myrtle Beach year after year, and chose us time, and time again.

Where to find a good family photographer

It takes experience, and patience to work with children, and adults alike. A good eye is one thing, but a great personality, and organizational skills only come with certain types of people. You have to be born with personality, skills can be developed over time. Obviously why not have both? For the most part photographers are usually very passionate about people. Equally important is the ability to show patience with children in particular. People have often called us saying they were “referred” to us. We always ask them who referred us, and then thank them. Myrtle Beach photography reviews on Google go a long way, and so does word of mouth.  We welcome new families to join us. Join our family photographers in Myrtle Beach. Let us create the memories from you family vacation! Your treasures will hang upon your family home forever.

More about Best Myrtle Beach Photography

Our mission is to provide the utmost in customer service, and reap customer loyalty. In order to accomplish this feat, it takes a game plan. Our photography skills and customer service have earned us a Google 5 star reputation. We promise luxury service, and an affordable, not “cheap” photo experience. It takes work to scour the internet looking for the correct photographer. We hope you will see the value in our product, and in each of our professional photographers in Myrtle Beach. In fact we invite you to discover what’s in store for you as a client. A quick phone call to our friendly photography staff is all it takes.

An educated decision on a family beach photographer in Myrtle Beach

There are over 100 amateur photographers posing as professional photographers in Myrtle Beach. Every time we turn around there’s a new transplant popping up with a Google ad. In fact over 95% of all photographers here are unlicensed hobbyist’s. They have full time job’s , and do this on the side for extra income, because it’s quick money. We are “full time” photographers. This is our only job, and we take it serious. For this reason there is no “other income” to fall back on. Please do us all a favor, and ask if your photographer is licensed,and insured. If not, they have no business charging for their services, or claiming they are professionals. Make Myrtle Beach family photography great again! Just kidding it’s always great! Check out our facebook page. 

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